Thumbnail stack.

I present to your attention a stack for viewing pictures. This stack can be used as a kind of slider for viewing thumbnails or pictures at a larger size. In Thumbnail stack, pictures change when you hover the cursor and move it left and right.

The slider can be useful for displaying your work, for displaying product photos in a store. Mostly, probably, it will be useful for shops, for displaying goods and works. For the slider, you can apply a lightbox with some settings or set a link leading to a page with a more detailed description. Up to eight images can be loaded at the moment.

The size is fixed or 100% in width. You can choose the position of the view indicator, top or bottom.

In the lightbox settings, you can enable keyboard support: left and right keys, and Esc. You can also loop through the images and apply Overflow. With the Overflow function, large pictures will be displayed in an enlarged view in height.
The lightbox also supports displaying thumbnails. In the settings, they are disabled by default, but you can enable them to be displayed horizontally or vertically.
To exit viewing, you can click on the close button, Overlay or by pressing Esc.

You can add a video, a link, at the end, which will be shown in the Lightbox. Videos from YouTube and Vimeo are supported. You can turn autoplay on or off.

And for pictures you can add Alt.tag and description (for lightbox).
You can also add overlay text for the image by writing your own text or taking it from the Alt., or from the Caption.

P.S. And yes, there is no automatic picture change.

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Version 1.0.4

RapidWeaver 7/8
Stacks 3.5+

Released: 07.2021

Stacks Image 951


Simple view with link (bottom right):

Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast

With Lightbox (keybord, loop, thumbnails)
and Badge Image stack:


Milner Silk Flat Cap

With Lightbox and Video

Sirius Talisman

Just for an example. You can add a link to the video at the end of the gallery. During the preview, the poster will be visible, and when you open the lightbox, the player with the video will be shown. In this example, the video on Vimeo is specified and autoplay is disabled when opening.

Stacks Image 1363

Vincent van Gogh
(Lightbox with overflow)

Piter Brojgel
(without thumbnails))

Viktor Vasnetsov
(Lightbox with overflow)

Stacks Image 468
Stacks Image 470
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