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Flip Timer

Simple Flip Countdown. Simple timer, but with different settings. You can adjust the size of the digits; when you change their size, the size of the timer itself also changes. The color of the cards can be customized to your taste and relevant thematics. Also in the settings you will find:

  • Font Name
  • Shadow for Cards, with selection of color and size
  • Margin between Cards
  • Customizable Titles: font name and font size, bold on/off, color, titles background and its color, enable and disable titles
  • Borders: radius, size (thickness) and color
  • Names can be specified for your language, replacing in the appropriate input fields
Date is set up simply. The format is Year/Month/Day HH:MM:SS. For example: 2018/12/25 20:30:00.

- there is some incompatibility, no side flipping

Version 1.0.1

RapidWeaver 7/8
Stacks 3.5+

Released: 01.2019

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Flip Timer stack
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Version 1.0.1 - Fixed display of 3-digit number. Added setting the width of the card.

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