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Custom Foundry stack

If you are interested in adding some external changes (for example, hover effects, adding shadows and others) to the Foundry stacks, then use this stack for advanced settings.
Someone can write it themselves, but with this stack it will be more convenient and clear.

Included settings for:

  • Card
  • Card Solo
  • Columns
  • Columns Solo
  • Gallery
  • Gallery Solo
  • Form and Form Pro
  • Image
  • Image Solo
  • Hover Image
  • Hover Image Solo
  • Modal Center - a modal window in the center of the screen
  • Slider
  • Spinner
  • Spinner Solo
  • Scroll to Top
  • ToolTip - changes the background color and text

- different settings for each stack.

- the same settings for all stacks on the page.

Spinner - adds a pulsating circle and a rotating border. For text or buttons.

At the moment, everything is working. If there are any changes in the Foundry stacks and something does not work in this stack, I will try to fix it. I do not want to deceive anyone, but you decide whether to buy or not.
You can see some examples of the stack operation below on the page.

P.S. As far as I know, the author plans to add vertical alignment to the Modal stack.

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Version 1.0.0

RapidWeaver 7/8
Stacks 3.5+

Released: 09.2019

Accept the following payment methods:
• PayPal
• Visa (including Visa Electron)
• Mastercard
• Maestro
• Discover
• Diner's Club



Modal Center

Spinner and ToolTip

Form Pro

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