Badge Image stack

Create badges for your stacks.

With this stack, you can set a picture as a badge. You can set the usual format of pictures for a background with text or use a picture yourself. You can select the picture format, raster or SVG. However, SVG cannot be set for the background.

For text, you can choose a local font or Google font. You can also specify a font from the Fonts stack, for this you just need to write its name in the font name input field. There is also letter spacing and text shadow.

The badge locations are the same as the Badge stack. You can also choose from several effects: Jump, Rotate, Flip. All this can be seen in the examples on this page.

You can also apply animation to badges.
Effects and animations don't work at the same time.

And using the color filter, you can change the color of the added image.

The stack has the ability to use your Tooltip for any hints. The settings configure the location of tooltips, size, color. You can also adjust the font size and enable Google font.

If in Tooltip you need to use not only text, but also pictures, then you can use the free PopDrop stack.

When using Foundry tooltips, you can specify the location of the tooltips. To do this, in the link settings, add data-placement in the Name field, and write a place (top, bottom, left or right) in the Value field.

Sorry, I'm not a writer, especially in English, so it's better to look at the page ready-made examples and a screenshot of the stack settings.

In an example with three badges and ABC letters, the PNG file is used. If interesting, you can buy by link below. The archive contains 39 PNG with different gradients.

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Version 1.0.7

RapidWeaver 7/8
Stacks 3.5+

Released: 09.2020

Stacks Image 1578


Stacks Image 1060
Stacks Image 1379

with hover effect

Stacks Image 1383
Stacks Image 1389

hover over NEW

Stacks Image 1391
Stacks Image 1409
Stacks Image 1472

hover over NEW and Quality

With Alert stack (with SVG and hover effects):


Filter Color Hue (Red - original color):

Stacks Image 1444
Stacks Image 1447
Stacks Image 1451
Stacks Image 1455

FA icon with background image and animation:

Stacks Image 1256
Stacks Image 1264
Stacks Image 1562
Stacks Image 1671
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