Badge stack

Create badges for your stacks.

Two types with switch: round, for a single FontAwesome icon (or a single number or letter), and with corners, for multiple icons or text.

For text there is a choice of font: Default, Arial, Fonts Stack. Also in the settings, there is a font size, weight, and color.

For the badge itself, you can configure its size, location, distance from the edge, shape, padding, selecting background: color or gradient (and select a direction from the list).

You can only make an Badge, for example, to display numbers or links to a social network.

The stack has the ability to use your Tooltip for any hints. The settings configure the location of tooltips, size, color. You can also adjust the font size and enable Google font.

If in Tooltip you need to use not only text, but also pictures, then you can use the free PopDrop stack.

Buttons "Other":
1 - adding a border with a color and size setting.
2 - adding a slope with selecting the angle of inclination.
3 - adding a pulsing effect around the badge with size, color and time settings.
4 - adding a floating/jump affect.

By choosing the square shape of the badge, you can make an inscription in two lines. To do this, you will need to turn off the size of the badge and adjust the line height, and select the text alignment. To make two lines of text, enter an <br> between the text you want to separate.

When using Foundry tooltips, you can specify the location of the tooltips. To do this, in the link settings, add data-placement in the Name field, and write a place (top, bottom, left or right) in the Value field.

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Version 1.0.8

RapidWeaver 7/8
Stacks 3.5+

Released: 08.2020

Stacks Image 1461

There is also a Badge Image version


Stacks Image 1060
Stacks Image 1062
Stacks Image 1068

With floating (jump) with shadow, and hover with PopDrop:

With Shadows-2 stack:

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Stacks Image 1306

With Alert stack:

Stacks Image 1371
Stacks Image 1256
Stacks Image 1259
Stacks Image 1264
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